About our practice

About Holbein Dental practice

We are a group of UNAM Graduated Dental Surgeons and Specialists, with the goal to provide you with a high-quality, integral and professional service, designed to match your needs.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to re-establish and keep dental health with a minimum-invasive approach and promote a prevention culture, all through a professional, ethic, efficient and updated dental practice.

Our Values

Respect: for our patients´ integrity; recognizing and appreciating their trust in us. Establishing a treatment plan designed to fit any professional, technological, and economic possibilities in order to provide with an excellent service.
Honesty: this very important human quality is highly appreciated and practiced at Dental Holbein, where we act and speak with coherence and sincerity, according to our truth and justice values.
Team Work: We make a habit of working alongside each other, which provides with an accurate diagnostic and treatment plan, where each specialist brings their own experience but combined adds up to the same excellence goal.
A Calling to Serve: Our service vocation is a lifestyle; it is a way to approach life. It means to give in order to comply with a procedure, solving a need, demand or request or satisfying someone´s expectation, so that the one who gives and the one who receives, are both satisfied.